Nantiv is the home of quality leather handbags for women. Our brand speaks of a world native, determined, with a sense of wonder and in continuous growth.
About Nantív
Design infused with meaning

'I believe in flow, in living fully in every moment. That's why I study movement, gestures, and nuance. I want Nantív bags to move the way women do, with elegance and confidence. So they can be present. So they can flow.'

Adriana Gómez, Founder & CEO

The Nantív woman is driven by a purpose

The Nantív woman is driven by a purpose,

yet still spontaneous. She's realistic, independent, and motivated by personal discovery and growth. She eagerly embraces the unknown.


Truth, beauty, and justice are her core values. She embraces both the conventional and unconventional. She seeks moments of transcendence, yet derives great pleasure and inspiration from simple experiences.

At Nantív - evocative of the word native -

we believe the experience of every moment can be improved through great design and we're inspired by the natural and elegant gestures of women. We focus on the intangibles that reflect your attitude, like how you wear your bag or how you sometimes use both hands to accomplish a task, yet still need to look comfortable and assertive.


A handbag can’t weigh you down or affect your posture. Its design needs to flow with you. We want you to feel sophisticated and stylishly confident with a bag that supports your needs. 

Adriana Gómez

Adriana Gómez - CEO and Founder of Nantív



In 2015, I moved to New York City. As an Industrial Designer with a master’s in Interior Design, I was enthralled by all the art, architecture, and fashion that my new home had to offer. I had spent the previous two decades living between Brazil, Mexico, the U.S., and Colombia, where I designed furniture collections and imported items from around the world for my private store (Instagram @nantivlifestyle). 


Yet, Despite the city’s fashion abundance, the mainstream was full of sameness. Designers were creating products that sell to the highest number of customers. They were producing, not crafting. Selling instead of connecting.


That wasn’t how I worked. I had always focused on creating an experience for my clients. Design, I believe, should be infused with meaning.

Inside Nantív

This lack of substance was most obvious in the handbag business. Industrial Design had taught me that design affects mood. More importantly, it taught me about ‘flow.’ From the built environment to furniture to the smallest accessory, successful designs should compliment human movements and attitudes. They should flow.


With luxury handbags, I noticed, there’s a certain act that goes with them. Women adopt a certain posture, pose, or walk to match their expensive accessory. That’s fun on special occasions, not every day. Modern women are more focused on living their lives authentically with a natural kind of elegance.


I wanted to make handbags that flow with women’s natural everyday movements and that compliment their native elegance—hence the name Nantív, derived from ‘native.’


I sought out the best Italian pattern-maker in New York and studied with him to learn how to properly construct handbags. From there, I explored different leathers and materials, tried new things, and challenged what I learned. I also studied women’s movements, paying special attention to posture and hand gestures. I even built dozens of mini bags in paper origami for better visualization.


Some people in the industry told me my designs were unrealistic and couldn’t be constructed, so I bought a sewing machine and constructed them myself. 


As I stitched, cut, trimmed, tested, unstitched, resized, and fitted during long NYC nights, I stared at the shifting colors of the Empire State building from my work table on the 26th floor of my Midtown apartment. Its art decó facade served as inspiration and felt like a fitting companion as I worked to create my own timeless architecture.  


Months later, Nantív bags were born. But I wanted better quality material and superior craftsmanship. I visited trade shows in Paris and Milan and met with Italian manufacturers. Eventually, I found the master craftspeople I needed in Florence – old-world artisans who love what they do and whose secretive methods can’t be replicated elsewhere. 


Today, Nantív bags reflect that loving work in every stitch. They’re minimalist, but not simple. Beautiful, yet functional. Elegant and unique. 


Just as importantly…they flow.

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