The fashion industry is changing, the diversity of people that are getting involved is massive. Click on the article to learn why this is an important matter.
Wonderful and Powerful Diversity in Fashion
Mel Kobayashi
By: Adriana Gomez · Dec. 04, 2019

Wonderful and Powerful Diversity in Fashion

We are in the spectacular moment in time in which aging feels absolutely fascinating. For some time now, women in their 50’s and beyond have been weaving a rich, colorful fabric of substance and meaning into what aging means.


On the Fine Line, a magazine targeted to women above 45 years, we see a trend that embraces aging spontaneously and consciously. One of the most enhancing features is the confidence that radiates as women brandish their white hair, and we feel absolutely compelled by their natural looks. Fearless and strong, a magical aura surrounds these women. They have reached their full potential, they are full of life lessons and it feels like they don’t need to prove anything, or, maybe they already have. Women project themselves in a way in which we feel closer to their essence and we absolutely feel their confidence.


This bold statement is explored in all body sizes and shapes, some women are beautiful, all are incredibly attractive; and they are communicating values that we share as a brand.  At Nantiv we love authenticity, and when we design our bags, we strive for originality; each model, whether it’s a satchel bag, a tote or a bucket bag, has to communicate its own character. Each one is unique. We want to produce the best handbags for women.


What they communicate when they dress


Mature women express an emboldened taste for fashion; they pose the most amazing style of sultry and graceful looks. Veteran stylish divas appear to be redefining the whole concept of dressing. They are changing the rules. From the incredible Iris Apfel and Carmen Dell'Orefice to Iman and Monica Bellucci, their creative input is enormous and much more complex.


Apparently, many of these icons combine non-expensive garments and alternate while creatively playing around. Fabrics are very versatile; affordable clothes now come in great fits. We love this possibility. Nonetheless (we notice) they are carrying the best leather handbags. Luxury high-quality bags, designer bags, handbags made in Italy, there is no negotiation. Fine leather, sophisticated materials, exclusive and innovative designs are essential; these stylish elements contrive a powerful message.


Here are some interesting concepts that we should care about in conversations about trends and style. Don’t miss what experienced women are communicating about fashion; they are projecting powerful messages on  how to build a style based on confidence and personal strength.

Melanie Kobayashi

Melanie Kobayashi


“My fertile-free-ness should not be an excuse for someone's neutrals any more than someone's fertility should be an excuse for my platform shoes.” Says Melanie Kobayashi rebelling against the stereotypes fashion. (From article published on Jan 30, 2019)

“I love dressing up, down, even sideways on occasion. Wearing what I love not only makes me feel good, but my clothes are portals to other personalities, places, and eras –“… (About me section)

Quotes and image from her Blog Bag and a Beret


Lyn Slater

Lyn Slater,


“ ‘I think we're really making progress when we don't have to segregate groups. Instead of ‘Here's all the aging women in fashion. Aren't they great?,’ let's say, ‘Here's some really incredibly stylish women who we admire,’ and leave it at that. I think that's when inclusion will really be inclusion, when it just becomes part of the environment.”

* Article: ALyn Slater, Accidental Icon, Says The Conversation Around Age & Fashion Needs To Change by Nicky Deam on The Zoe Report

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