Did you know that by using a handbag you are telling a lot about you?! Even more than your clothes!, click to on the article to learn more about it.
What Your Handbag Says about You
By: Adriana Gomez · Dec. 04, 2019

What Your Handbag Says about You

What is more important when creating an outfit? Clothing items, jewelry, bags or shoes? What do we choose first, and how can we harmoniously combine fashion pieces to obtain that efortless chic look we see in fashion editorials? These are questions women of all ages have asked  themselves at least once. Tired of that endless quest for the perfect outfit, many women ask for advice from professional stylists and spend fortunes on designer items which won’t necessarily make them look and feel good.


Creating the perfect look


 We think the key to getting that perfect look can’t be found either between the pages of the glossy magazines or on the shelves of the most expensive shops, because the plain and simple truth is that style can’t be bought or imitated. Style must be felt. Have you ever wondered what your clothes and accessories say about you?  Perhaps this is where one should start when choosing clothes and accessories; every piece should say something about one’s lifestyle and personality.


Women’s Handbags as a definition of style


We believe that handbags are essential accessories that say a lot more about us than clothes. The bag is the place where women keep all their important and personal stuff: phones, Ipads, notebooks, make-up. Strong, smart professional women prefer big tote bags because they are practical and elegant at the same time, fun, flirty women would rather go for cute or colorful satchel bags while creative women love to wear unique handbags, with futuristic design.  


Style your outfit with the right bag


Bags are statement items which can complete any look or totally transform any outfit: a nice bag can make all the difference when creating a gorgeous outfit. The right bag can make you look sophisticated whereas the wrong one will hardly convey the right meaning.


Picking up the right bag is not difficult at all: just look in the mirror and trust your instincts. Nantiv women are strong, independent and have a strong sense of style. Join our club! We invite you to pick your favorite item from our handbag collection, according to your style and preference.

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