Here some tips that will help you to find the perfect balance between beautiful and practical
Tips for Choosing a Bag That is Both Beautiful and Practical
By: Adriana Gomez · Nov. 27, 2019

Tips for Choosing a Bag That is Both Beautiful and Practical

Handbags…women’s shortest love story. Who hasn’t craved for a shiny little bag spotted in the window display of a luxury fashion store?  I am sure you have all saved money at least once to buy that amazing luxury leather bag you’ve obsessed over for months.

Women would collect handbags for different occasions…they love wearing them, showing them off, collecting them, admiring them. One thing is clear: they never have enough bags, so that, no matter how big their leather bag collection is, they always see something new they must have.


However, not all bags are equal. Not all of them deserve to be purchased and certainly not all of them are a good investment. We have gathered here a few details to keep an eye on whenever you purchase a new bag, so that you put your money to good use:


A Bag Should Be Comfortable Above All


No matter how nice a bag might look, if it’s too heavy, it slides off your shoulder easily or it just doesn’t feel comfortable, you won’t feel good wearing it, so you had better leave it on that store shelf. To make a good investment, a bag should be comfortable and wearable above all. There are bags you only admire from a distance and bags that you love to wear year after year. We would go for the latter, but, after all, the choice is yours.


A Bag Should Be Versatile


Today, there is no more clear distinction between casual wear and formal wear. A luxury leather bag can be worn literally everywhere: to work, to the gym, out for an evening and to the supermarket. An elegant black leather bag will look good with any outfit: with a little black dress at night and with a midi floral dress for the day. Just make sure you wear the right shoes and jewelry and you’re good to go. Take a look at the celebrities’ photos, for example. They always carry a nice leather bag with them wherever they may go and they always look amazing. So, why can’t we match our leather bag with a variety of outfits?


What About the Zip Closure ?


A bag should be fully closed so that nothing falls out when it falls over.  Particularly when it comes to totes and large weekender bags, having a closure makes a difference for those times when you need to be able to properly close your bags to keep its contents safe. Nantiv bags have different kind of cloures; we think this is really important so you have nothing to worry about.


It is all about Colors and Shapes


Until the futuristic color-changing bags from VanDerWaals, become a thing in fashion, we have to carefully choose the color of our bags so that they blend harmoniusly into our outfits. If you have a crush on neon colors, you can go for a bold color that will give your outfit an edge. Whether you are more into feminine shades, go for pastels which go well with anything, from day dresses to jeans and shirts. Women who love timeless elegance can opt for brown, black or beige shades that match classy outfits without standing out. Whatever goes, as long as it matches your lifestyle and your personality.


Purses and bags are both objects of self-expression and receptacles for our stuff. Therefore, whenever we add a new item to our bag collection, we should look for both form and function. Nantiv bags are beautiful and also wearable, classy and versatile. They look as good with jeans, as with an elegant suit. Check out our collection and find your favorite item on the list. Did you find it?

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