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A Few More Tips to Find the Perfect Investment Leather Handbag
Handbags with beautiful design, quality materials, and expert workmanship
By: Adriana Gomez · Feb. 19, 2020

A Few More Tips to Find the Perfect Investment Leather Handbag

Purchasing a leather handbag as an investment isn’t complicated... as long as you keep these things in mind.

Buying designer handbags can be fun. Thankfully, it can also be a great investmen


Last month, we wrote about ‘Six Great Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Handbag,’ Here we’ll dive a little deeper into some things to keep in mind when selecting a bag for both looks and posterity.




The best designer handbags aren’t always the priciest.


Great bags bring together beautiful design, quality materials, and expert workmanship. The cost of that timeless combo varies widely depending on where, when, and from whom you buy the bag.


The best way to determine a bag’s worth, regardless of the number on the tag, is to inspect its details. You shouldn’t see double stitches, seams too close to borders, loose lining, hazy coatings, straps and handles without proper reinforcement, a base without protective metallic feet, or poorly-sewn zippers.


You should see clean seams, aligned with borders, that don’t pull on the fabric. Leather handbags should have covered stitching to prevent the sides from separating. The hardware should function smoothly and not feel “tinny.” Straps and handles, meanwhile, should be sturdy and reinforced because they wear out the fastest.


Above all, look for handcrafted bags, which are essential to quality. Never settle for a mass-produced bag. You want to feel confident and proud of your outfits and accessories. Those feelings will manifest in your body language. 

Handbags with beautiful design, quality materials, and expert workmanship



Luxury brands like Hermès, Chanel, Gucci, Goyard, Dior, Céline and Louis Vuitton undeniably stand out. They set trends on the runway each season with their designs for women’s handbags.


There’s a good reason for that. Those brands are based in France and Italy, where designers and manufacturers have been honing their craft for centuries. That long heritage has positioned them as icons in the industry. However, it also means they're mainstream and, therefore, the default choice for those who don’t know what else is out there or how to select something unique.


The good news is that small brands, thanks to modern communications and innovations, now have access to the same French and Italian manufacturers used by large brands. Consequently, handbag design has blossomed over the last decade.


Independent designers are producing handbags & purses on par with the icons. They're innovating in design, experimenting with new materials, and shaking up tradition. Many also have a compelling origin story or mission, which enhances their appeal. For women who love singular accessories, these new players have expanded the realm of what it means to be a handbag connoisseur.


Furthermore, it's worth pondering your motives in buying a well-known brand. Do you feel, authentically, that the piece matches your style? Or are you aspiring to a look or image? The first motive is always the better one. Elegant handbags, made of high-quality materials, say more about you than any brand you're wearing.


Don't fall for logos. Fall in love.



Even well-known design houses sometimes use, or incorporate, low quality materials, cheaply produced, that are made to last no longer than a season. If you want a bag that endures, however, leather is the best choice. And Italian leather handbags are the most highly regarded.


The quality of authentic italian leather speaks to more than just one sense. It impresses the hands and nose, as well as the eyes. More importantly, it’s durable and gets better with age.


Many Italian leather bags are manufactured by people whose families have been in the craft for centuries, so they work with only top quality materials from tanneries that produce the softest leather. All this, of course, is now done with an eye on environmental sustainability. That means humanely-raised cattle and minimizing waste and water consumption.


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Where better to invest than in lasting beauty?


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