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These Are Three Essential Things a Luxury Handbag Should Offer
Essential things of a luxury handbag
By: Adriana Gómez · Apr. 16, 2020

These Are Three Essential Things a Luxury Handbag Should Offer

Price doesn’t always reflect value. In this post, we look at three things that do—and discuss how, and where, to find them.

Sometimes, we buy clothes and accessories because we need a particular essential. Other times, we buy simply to update our look. Either way, we choose pieces that convey who we are. How we're perceived by our fashion choices is as much a consideration as how good we look.


For some women, wearing expensive, designer brands is part of the image they wish to project. And that's perfectly fine. If a gorgeous Louis Vuitton or Fendi handbag matches your persona, and you can afford it, carry it with pride.


Understand, however, that price doesn't always reflect actual value. Sometimes, prices are artificially inflated to create the illusion of value. Other times, you're simply paying extra for a well-known logo.



Essential things of a luxury handbag

If you're shopping for a luxury leather handbag, here are three things to look for that will tell you if your money is being spent wisely:




Front Row at the theater and First Class on an airplane are desirable not just because they offer a better view or more comfort, but because they offer those things to a small, select group. If everyone had those seats, they’d lose their exclusivity and, therefore, some of their value.


Likewise, if the handbag you're considering is expensive, yet you see women everywhere carrying it, then that bag has lost some exclusivity. Luxury handbags for women are optional purchases. Unlike necessities, uniqueness is what determines the value of an optional purchase.


Use price as a guideline, therefore, but search for handbags that are part of a limited production run, that are not sold on the common market, and that are not advertised to the masses with the sole goal of maximizing sales. Look for bags promoted via select channels that target a demographic with specific lifestyles and values. Consider smaller labels and independent designers.


Your bag shouldn't be a show-off piece because of its price. It should show off who you are and show that you took the time to find a unique item that reflects your personality.




Innovation in design is paramount. Classic designs will always be a reliable fallback, but design, eventually, has to evolve.


The success of the major fashion, perfume, and cosmetic houses has been built on innovation. Great handbag designers also create functional items that rise to the level of art. They experiment with color, pattern, and texture. They consider movement.


Traditionally, Italian leather handbags are what come to mind when people think of beautiful, innovative design. That's because luxury, handcrafted bags from Italy are often manufactured by people whose families have been in the craft for centuries. They have the skills to innovate without compromising traditional values. And, of course, they work with only top quality materials from tanneries that produce the softest leather.


A great way to find such handbags is to search for, and follow, the craftspeople who make them. Many have websites and social media accounts. Explore their work to get a better idea of what's out there so you can recognize what's new, what's old, what's truly original, and what's worth splurging on.




Even well-known design houses sometimes use low-quality materials that don’t stand the test of time.


To recognize quality craftsmanship, look for clean lines, straight stitches, softness, and color. Don’t forget to smell a brand new leather handbag. Quality leather speaks to more than one sense. It should impress your hands and nose, as well as your eyes. Above all, remember that handcrafted bags are synonymous with quality. Never settle for something mass-produced.


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