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Designers Need These 4 Things to Create a Fashion Masterpiece
Create unique designer handbags
By: Adriana Gómez · May. 08, 2020

Designers Need These 4 Things to Create a Fashion Masterpiece

Iconic designs are not the result of logic or marketing. They're born of near-spiritual elements that fuel originality.

Great art is timeless. It feels fresh and relevant no matter how many years have passed since its creation. Great fashion is no different. Some items remain wearable for decades.


We call these works 'masterpieces.'


What, though, goes into making a masterpiece? More specifically, what does it take to create unique designer handbags that won't fade with the season?


Here are four essentials to making both great art and great handbags:




Inspiration is transcendence. It's a moment of clarity when you discover a new approach or fresh way of looking at something.


You can't conjure inspiration on cue, but there are ways to summon it.


Designers look for diverse founts of inspiration. Common sources are the visual arts, ethnic and historical fashions, nature, and everyday materials. Social and political issues can inspire designers, too.


Wherever the spark comes from, inspiration is both the starting point of a masterpiece and the force that brings coherence to its various elements—its material, texture, shape, color, and (perhaps) its message.


Meanwhile, be aware that inspiration sometimes yields concepts that have already been used or are cliché. Often, in fact, several designers will independently arrive at the same, or similar, vision. That's because, within cultures, we're all frequently exposed to the same influences.


Don’t be afraid to discard those ideas. Inspiration will return if you’re passionate enough about your work (more on that later!).


Ultimately, great art is measured by how much of an emotional response it creates. Your art, whether it’s a painting or a designer leather handbag, must generate a reaction. Customers should feel moved and connected to your work.


Maybe even inspired.

Create unique designer handbags



Creativity is the tangible result of inspiration. It’s the motivation to express and actualize your new vision. Not everyone who is inspired, acts on it. Perhaps because they don’t have a talent, or medium, through which to channel their vision.


Great artists and designers, on the other hand, know how to act on their inspiration. They’ve built their creative muscles over many years and developed an instinct for what works and what doesn’t.


Throughout the day, working designers are faced with a multitude of issues, problems, and dead ends. They deal with material, manufacturing, and production rules. Specifications are very precise and often funnel creativity into specific results in order to make a bag.


Yet, great designers adapt and surmount these challenges. How?


Read on…


Passion and Love


Passion is an intense, but temporary, desire. Love is a deep, long-lasting feeling of affection and attachment.


To make great art, or be a bag designer, you need both.


Inspiration is the brief, passionate thrill you feel when a new idea takes hold of you. Love is the affection that motivates you to bring that idea to life and do your best work.


Notice how most fashion and accessories in retail stores look similar? Those designs are manufactured for profit. They’re the result of marketing studies and sales projections.


Great designs, as we discussed, transmit emotion. A designer must feel that emotion first in order to convey it. Love and passion for one’s work often leads the best designers to start their own brands, so they can commit to the creative process, instead of working for large companies and investors.


Supporting these small, independent brands helps diversify the industry and encourage the production of unique, love-driven work—and, of course, beautiful leather handbags!




Inspiration has found you. You’re motivated to create. You’re passionate about your idea and love your work.


The stage is set to innovate!


But what is innovation? It’s the introduction of a new idea, thing, or method. In other words, it’s originality.


The bad news is that originality is the hardest quality to achieve in art, business, and life. In the world of fashion, especially, trends are evolving faster than ever.


The good news is that great designers don’t let the speed of change frighten them. Rapid change, they know, offers even more opportunities to introduce new designs and concepts.


As we write this, the Corona virus is reshaping fashion as designers look for ways to create stylish, protective garments that can be worn comfortably every day.


Global pandemics aside, the opportunity to innovate presents itself all the time. Even classic designs that have been around for decades can be improved by introducing new fabrics and materials or improving their function and performance.


That, in fact, is what we do at Nantív. We’re continually inspired to create handbags we love and are passionate about. We innovate on timeless classics by studying women’s body movements and lifestyles to make beautiful, more functional, handbags.


Visit our online store to see our current collection of...ahem...masterpieces.


Love and flow,



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