By looking at a woman's handbag you can tell a lot about her, let's talk about that favorite bag that is more important than any other accessory on your closet.
The Bag that Means the Most to You
By: Adriana Gomez · Dec. 04, 2019

The Bag that Means the Most to You

Love for bags…


We came into the handbag world while looking for a global entrepreneurship. What could be more global than women’s interest in beautiful handbags? Like shoes, bags speak a universal language. You can guess many things from a woman by the handbag she carries.


So, as a designer, you start perceiving the intrinsic values in purses. A woman’s handbag has to work in many ways. It should be light, easy to carry and easy to manipulate, have great looks, etc. It must converse with fashion and trends.


At a very personal level a handbag’s worth is rooted in sentimental value. When we start using a bag an attachment forms. Suddenly you are wearing the perfect beige shoulder bag and you cannot see how your amazing green leather bag can adjust in the same way. Or it seems the the brown bucket bag fits your body type better and the color is just the one the goes impeccably well with that range of color clothes you have been buying for some time. We may alternate bags on a daily basis but we will always feel stronger towards one in particular.


That is why you have to study a lot when acquiring a new luxury handbag. It requires a great deal of thought, you browse the market and look and review every designer handbag out there. It must fulfill your desires in terms of style but it should also fulfill functional needs.


“There is something about colonising your new bag for the first time that is a rite of passage. Free of the general clutter that seems to unavoidably collect at the bottom of bags … a new bag is virgin territory that allows you to become the best and most efficient version of yourself. “ says Alezandra Shulman for BOF.


As this happens it is very important that the handbag stands use and time. Aging has to occur in its own special way. A bag should soften; leather is better appreciated as handbags become pliable. And hardware should always look great.


There are routines that change. Occasionally you need to carry more things -besides wallets, cell phone and keys - a tablet or laptop, makeup, a book, etc. And as you stuff gets heavier you bag should be lighter and easier to carry. You don’t want bags to adjust its shape to whatever you stuff inside; a bag should always hold its shape.


Thus, as your routines change it is wonderful if you actually find bags that look amazing and function superbly on different scenarios; you decide which to wear without effort because each has its own practical and stylish lure.


It is with these ideas in mind that we work on our designs. Nothing is more appealing than bringing some romance into women's lives. A relationship with a bag has to do with how great it makes you look but, also relies on a bond that develops as functionality and quality sustain over time. And nothing would give us more pleasure if you discovered that among our variety you could develop a strong relationship. We carry satchels, a tote and a bucket bags for different routines and lifestyles.


We design giving meaning and depth to luxury bags. We want you to fall in love with a bag; that you find great pleasure as it softens meanwhile it stands the test of time.

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