Tips to taking care for your light colored leather handbag from possible damages like fading, deformation and scratches. ¡Click here now!
Taking Care of Your Leather Handbag
White leather handbag of Nantív
By: Adriana Gomez · Jan. 24, 2020

Taking Care of Your Leather Handbag

We talk about taking care of your leather handbag. Follow these tips if you want your bag to last you a lifetime. Read more in this post.  

You love your leather handbag and want to take care of it. The whole point of splurging on a luxury leather bag, in fact, is to keep it for many years to come. Decades, even.


Yet, while dark leather often gets more beautiful as it ages, white or cream colors can start to look shabby as dirt, spots, and scratches accumulate.


Taking care of a genuine leather handbag isn't complicated. What's true for your body also applies to your handbag. Treat it well and it'll age well. Mistreat it and it won't. That being said, here are some specific tips to make your prized accessory last a lifetime.




Try to avoid stains to begin with. If you're at a restaurant or bar, keep your bag away from food and drink. Don't put it on the table or floor where spills can hit it. Red wine and coffee, in particular, are your bag’s worst enemy.


Hanging it from your chair is often the best option, but be vigilant. Thieves love your handbag as much as you do! And if you take it with you to the bathroom, don't place it on or near the sink. Water, over time, will degrade it.


Meanwhile, try not to handle your bag with greasy hands or if you've just applied hand cream. Natural leather is porous and can hold onto tiny particles that are difficult to wipe off.


If you do end up with a stain, despite your best efforts, take it to a professional who specializes in cleaning leather handbags. Whatever you do, don't rub the stain. You could end up increasing its size or darkness. A single noticeable stain can ruin your bag’s look—and yours!

White leather handbag of Nantív

Knicks and Scratches


Never place your bag near the edge of a table or counter. It could fall and sustain an "injury,” especially if it’s a rigidly structured bag.


Likewise, don't place it near objects with sharp edges or in crowded racks and closets. The sharp hardware of other bags and coats (like zippers) can scratch it when placing them in or taking them out.


Fading and Deformation


Avoid exposing your bag to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Leather is organic. Its color will fade and it may harden or become rough, even under moderate sunlight.


When you store your bag, meanwhile, always use the dust bag it came with. The accumulation of dust on leather can eventually alter its color. Even better, keep it in its original box. It'll help preserve your bag's shape at the same time, especially if it's softly structured, like a bucket bag. If you don't have either of those things, you can buy them aftermarket.


To further protect your bag's color, avoid storing it where it will be pressed against something that's richly dyed to avoid color transfer and staining.


Finally, clean your bag a couple times a year with a specially made leather cleaner so it doesn't lose its luster.



We don’t want to scare you with a long list of do and don’ts, but it's important to be informed about the proper handling and care of expensive leather handbags—especially lighter-toned white and cream bags.


Meanwhile, the industry has begun using new technology, applying an invisible plastic coating to leather handbags that help protect them. At Nantív, however, we love unadulterated, organic leather. It's supple, soft and has a distinct temperature when you touch it. It also has a wonderful, earthy smell that's true to what it is and recognizable the world over.

This, we believe, is part of what makes an authentic luxury handbag that you can fall in love with over and over as the years go by.


We carry both dark and cream-colored leather bags that you can buy online. We have a tote leather bag we've named 'VITA,' a crossbody called 'TIV,' a bucket bag named 'VINT,' and a sweet, little satchel we call 'EVE.'


If you take as much loving care of your Nantiv as our skilled artisans did in creating them, they'll last you a lifetime.


Love and flow,



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