Handbags are frequent-use items that are exposed to the outside world. But, how are you to take care of your leather bag? Here we will tell you.
Cleaning Techniques and Safety Practices for Everyday Bags
Handbag care tips
By: Adriana Gómez · Jun. 23, 2020

Cleaning Techniques and Safety Practices for Everyday Bags

In times of Coronavirus, there is a greater need and urgency to keep your belongings clean and bacteria-free, particularly frequent-use items such as handbags. To do this, you have to adopt appropriate measures and good housekeeping practices.

Although countries have already started to lift up Coronavirus restrictions, it’s still of utmost importance to follow the various measures recommended by health authorities.


In fact, there is a growing need to continue embracing and following these different practices in an effort to keep moving forward. Reinforce handwashing with soap and water, use mouth guards and antibacterial gel, but most importantly, ensure to properly sanitize and disinfect your belongings including your leather handbags to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus.


Handbags are frequent-use items that are constantly exposed to the outside world. It is common for them to touch and be placed on dirty floors and surfaces. It is therefore necessary to implement hygiene protocols to ensure that these kinds of accessories are kept clean, especially since they store similar frequent-use items such as keys, sunglasses, cell phones, cosmetics, wallets, and personal documents.


A recent study by The New England Journal of Medicine indicated that the Coronavirus is able to remain on everyday surfaces and materials for hours. Their findings revealed that the virus can even stay suspended in the air for about half an hour.


Keeping in mind that the virus can survive on various different handbag materials, we recommend adopting the following procedure to reduce the possibility of contamination and disease:

Handbag care tips

1. Don’t leave it on the floor


Whether at home or not, it is important to place your bag on a surface other than the floor. Not only will this prevent it from getting dirty, but it will also reduce the risk of contamination. When on the floor, it could easily come into contact with harmful bacteria given that the Coronavirus also travels on footwear, which many use to walk around the house. This is why you must create a “shoes off” habit at home, and in turn prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


2. Never save food


If you normally store food and snacks in your leather tote bag, watch out! This accessory by itself already has bacteria inside given that it is constantly touched by our hands. We continuously put in and take out our frequent-use belongings – like our keys and sunglasses – and such actions increase the chances of contamination.


It is best to have a lunch box and follow a cleaning protocol using a 70% hydroalcoholic gel. Although this will effectively disinfect the hands, it is always better to actually wash them with soap and water, and do so for at least 20 seconds.


3. Disinfect hand creams, perfumes, lipsticks, cell phones, keys, etc.


These are all items that constantly move inside our bag, so they need to be sanitized on a regular basis. They also accumulate bacteria as we frequently handle them.


Here, it is recommended to clean the items with a damp cloth and place them in a sealed bag so that you can safely travel with them in case you need to leave your home. Remember to disinfect your hands before and after use to avoid the risk of contamination.


4. Choose an antibacterial lining


Nowadays, companies have found ways to innovate their customer product offerings, and now many have options that integrate antibacterial lining. This is made under a special fabric treatment that reduces the proliferation of common bacteria present in coins and bills by 99.8%, which are otherwise capable of producing respiratory, skin, and gastrointestinal diseases.


5. Protect the handle


To avoid touching your bag’s handle, which is usually contaminated with bacteria, try wrapping a scarf around it. Have fun with it by changing it up every time you step out to one that is clean and matches your clothing. This way, you can stay chic and in style while protecting yourself from contamination.


Taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and others from any sort of contagion is the most important thing to do at this point in time. Follow these recommendations and feel safe using your favorite handbags for women with care and caution.


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