The obsession of women with their handbags is something that it's been around for ages, but now we have the answer about why is 100 % justify.
Women’s obsession with handbags is 100% justified. Here’s Why
By: Adriana Gomez · Dec. 04, 2019

Women’s obsession with handbags is 100% justified. Here’s Why

Women have always had a thing for bags, purses and clutches. This handbag obsession, which probably equals only that for shoes (or diamonds, maybe) has gone so far that sometimes women may spend more on a handbag than a holiday or even a car – and they want all the world to know it.

The passion for accessories, and especially for shoes, goes back in history to the period after the First World War, when the emancipation of women began. Back then, the bag was a sign of independence and social status (that is still true today).  Women began to have their own cash, bank accounts, keys to their own houses and cars and they needed a bag to carry them all.  This was a very good reason for women to flaunt the fashionable bags and clutches which slowly became unmissable parts of their wardrobes.


Bags’ Evolution Over the Years


As the years went by, bags got different shapes and sizes and because the leading accessories of our time. Even though celebrities still love to flaunt their extremely expensive bags in their free time (we get to admire them in magazines, thanks to the ubiquitous paparazzi)  when stars go to major events, they are able to go bag free, because they have personal assistants and PR officers who get to take care of everything. This way, ironically, carrying a big bag may even denote inferior status.

However, regular women just love bags and would never say no to a new one, sometimes no matter the price. For most women the handbag represents that multi-tasking item that combines utility with style: not only does the bag stand for personal taste, but it also suggests a certain economic prosperity and acts as a replacement of the childhood security blanket. Yes, sometimes, bags have a sentimental value, especially when women receive them as gifts from their loved ones (a nice bag received from an old friend may remind us of good, happy times).


Bags Are Both Stylish and Practical


Bags are at the same time a status symbol, a place where you can keep everything (from snacks to make-up accessories), and the perfect item to complete your look. The right clutch can add extra elegance to your little black dress, while your t-shirt and jean get that bohochic feel when you add a beautiful cross body bag or tote.

Last, but not least, women love bags because they are just cute and they just can’t get enough of them. That doesn’t mean we should all become bag hoarders, but, having at least one beautiful bag for each occasion, would not hurt, wouldn’t it? 

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