When buying a luxury handbag, it's important to slow down, choose quality and think of it as an investment. Here are six things to consider!
Here Are Six Great Reasons To Invest In A Luxury Handbag
Look for innovation and timeless designs.
By: Adriana Gomez · Feb. 04, 2020

Here Are Six Great Reasons To Invest In A Luxury Handbag

When you buy a handbag, think of it as an investment. Choose a quality bag for the long run.

Fashion trends change fast. Collections are no longer seasonal. We now see brands launching collections every two weeks to keep up with expectations and competition. Designers, meanwhile, are combining bows, laces, stripes, dots, flowers, trims, metals, and other features in surprising new ways everywhere. Even luxury products from well-known design houses are starting to include unusual new embellishments.


As women, we feel the need to integrate these new styles and elements to always look fresh and new.


In a way, this new reality reflects our fast-changing, modern lifestyles and is emblematic of the noise and frenzy we now live with. There's too much to read, too much to buy, and too many plans to make. We're overstimulated, yet insatiable.

Look for innovation and timeless designs.

This fast and persistent change can be disorienting, even when it comes to our fashion choices. When buying an investment bag, however, it's important to slow down and consider these six things:


• Material: Fast fashion uses all kinds of low quality materials, cheaply produced, that are made to last no longer than a season. Fake leather, for example, looks...well...fake. It's the opposite of sophistication.


• Impact: Low cost materials will very quickly become pollutants. Our planet has enough to worry about already without millions of extra pounds of discarded handbags.


• Brand: Elegant handbags, made of high-quality materials, say more about you than any trending brand you might be wearing. It's not about wearing a logo. Subtlety while carrying a brand, often speaks volumes.


• Quality: Consider the craftsmanship. Look for clean lines, straight stitches, softness, and color. Don’t forget to smell a brand new handbag. A genuine leather handbag speaks to more than one sense. It should impress your hands and nose, as well as your eyes.


• Origin: A beautiful designer handbag should always have a compelling origin story. Where was it made? Who designed it? A great way to find such handbags is to search for, and follow, craftspeople with a strong tradition. Many Italian leather bags are manufactured by people whose families have been in the craft for centuries. They have the skills to innovate without compromising their traditional values. And, of course, they work with only top quality materials from tanneries that produce the softest leather.


All this, of course, should be done with an eye on environmental sustainability. That means humanely-raised cattle and minimizing waste and water consumption.


• Collect: Don't just buy one handbag. Become a handbag collector! Create a beautiful, timeless collection curated by your own sense of style over time. Having a variety of handbags of different sizes and shapes on hand to match any outfit is the best reason to collect luxury handbags. But it's also a smart approach to diversifying your fashion investments. Demand for certain bags often skyrockets years or decades later based on cultural changes and celebrity influence.


Most importantly, find the romance!


Yes, it's a challenge to choose luxury handbags. Handbags are everywhere and accessible to everyone. The thrill, though, is in finding "the one," in discovering a diamond in the rough, a fresh design, a bag that "gets" you. That means getting to know what and who is out there. Look for innovation but, at the same time, timeless designs.


No matter what, though, handcrafted bags are essential to quality. Never settle for something mass-produced. At Nantív, every bag is designed and handcrafted to transcend the norm and last a lifetime. We want you to make an investment. More importantly, we want you to fall in love.


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