We talk about the most popular colors and fabrics for handbags in 2019. Click on the article to learn more.
Popular Colors and Fabrics
By: Adriana Gomez · Nov. 27, 2019

Popular Colors and Fabrics

Beware of green bags.


From colorful mini bags to oversized totes and double bags, the Spring 2019 runways were full of handbags. The trendiest shapes are the circular clutches, the rectangular shoulder bags, and the pyramidal purses.


When it comes to materials and fabrics, anything goes: from folded leather bags with a feel of modern, minimalist luxury to the wearable and versatile tartan and plaid patterned fabric bags.


Image source @ Découvrez la dérniere 52 modèles tendances des Sacs à main mode printemps et étéles plus en vogue en 2019 - 2020

Amongst genuine leather bags, luxury bags, and mid range designer bags, here are the relevant fabrics and colours for this year: Burnt orange, deep green, baby pink and blue. Without doubt the best colour choices.


Image source @ The Impression



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