Designing handbags has given us the opportunity to observe thousands of women; from fashion influencers. Real women are naturals
The Natural Thing to Do
Green satchel for woman
By: Adriana Gomez · Dec. 04, 2019

The Natural Thing to Do

Today, we tend more and more towards natural earthy vibes. We seek to reconnect with the basics while dealing with a highly complex present. We multitask, but we also practice yoga and are interested in being mindful.


We "eat, pray and love" meanwhile we relaunch, reinvent and challenge ourselves as much as we can trying to give meaning to our present and future. It is hard!


Designing handbags has given us the opportunity to observe thousands of women; from fashion influencers, health coaches, women attending regular offices, homemakers, travelers, journalists, physical trainers, etc., and all have been a great source of inspiration.


It is so cool to connect spontaneously with so many diverse women in social media. Their visibility has given women a license to relax and stop measuring themselves against perfectly marketed personas. It has had an incredible impact on new styles and trends; we now have access to a broader spectrum of creative possibilities.


Still, in this scenario of diversity we find great complexity. We encounter a great deal of motivations, talents, strengths, desires, interests. Women face challenges and there is no doubt they are accomplishing a lot. It takes hard work to push forward.


Among everything we notice and particularly for our brand’s interest, we study the use of handbags. Some women are highly dependent on totes. There are features in a satchel that work for the office and there is a satchel with reduced specifications for lighter events; the bucket and the duffel are for more relaxed routines.


Functionality is indispensable in a bag; owning one that works for multiple outfits is essential. Thus Nantív handbags have been designed to fulfill these criteria. Our lines and quality blend into diverse styles while bespeaking elegance.


Furthermore, as we perceive and enjoy (why not), modern complexity we choose to be on the side of simplicity. Clean lines and uncomplicated shapes agree with the need to slow down, to be mindful.


In this way Nantiv is coherent with women’s willingness to re-connect with the very essentials; our spirit, what we feel passionate about, and meanwhile being our most natural selves . This re-connecting, above and beyond the demands of our environment, is what will take us further. It's the most natural thing to do.


Natural shapes…


Reminiscent of our thoughts about connecting with nature we share with you the beautiful work of artist Nora Fork from Hove (south east coast of England). Her artwork derives from deep and patient observation of the natural world.


“She is intrigued by the world around her; she also asks questions and tries to find answers to them. She is fascinated by different aspects of nature, structure, systems and order, and the mysteries and magic which she sets out to capture in her work.”


Text and images from her website

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