Get to know what are the best trends for handbags that caught our attention in 2019
Mini, Single Loop, Crochet handbags
By: Adriana Gomez · Dec. 04, 2019

Mini, Single Loop, Crochet handbags

Duffle Bags, Crochet Bags, Mini Bags, Single Loop Handle Bags

Some of the popular spring-summer 2019 handbag trends were carried over from previous years (straw bags, oversized bags), but there are also new trends that caught our attention.


For summery outfits, crochet totes or backpacks, similar to the ones presented on the Isabel Marant, and Chanel runways, are relevant.


Mass market shops will carry beach or fancy evening totes that can be worn on any occasion. Don’t miss our Vita tote if you are looking for such style flexibility.


Designers like Brandon Maxwell and Burberry brought to our attention the miniature crossbody bag that probably doesn’t hold more than a lipstick or a few coins. This mini bag looks delicious and it might perfectly match your sparkling cocktail dress. Our collection is still young and we don’t carry small designs. But we can’t wait to have our own mini crossbody!


Buckets everywhere



Last year, designers like Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani, and Adeam released looped single-handle bags on their runways. The clean and sophisticated look of the bucket tote bag made from luxe leather has already been spotted by many fashionistas, which turned these luxury leather bags into popular items in online stores.


Nantiv Vint Bucket Bag


Our Vint bucket bag moves along designs with structure but yet has rounded curves and a boho chic look that works so well for casual looks.

Bucket Vint
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