The right handbag completes your look and style. Here we will tell you about how you can combine accessories with your handbag. Click here to know more!
Eight Tips to Match Your Handbags with Your Accessories
Tips to match your handbags with your accessories
By: Adriana Gómez · May. 21, 2020

Eight Tips to Match Your Handbags with Your Accessories

The right handbag completes your look. The right handbag with the right accessories elevates it to a whole new level. Here's how to do it.

Forget the past.


Matching your handbag with your shoes or belt is passé. Today, fashion is all about combining accessories in new and interesting ways. Fashion influencers are breaking old laws by mixing styles and colors to create contemporary, edgy looks.


This new reality is liberating, but can also be confusing. How do you find the best combo for everyday wear?


Here are eight tips to help you navigate contemporary pairings:


1. Color Play - When it comes to color, you've got three options to play with:


Hue: Combine accessories that have the same or a similar hue. This will give you a nice, soft contrast and an understated look. Patterns will also look neat and organized. The effect is simple and elegant without being too traditional.


• Contrast: Let colors meet their opposites. For example, nude shoes with a purple bag, or electric blue shoes with a yellow bag. It all depends on the occasion. Formal events and weddings are not the venue for this. Brunch and happy hour are.


• Disruption: Explore combos that neither share a hue, nor obviously contrast with each other. We’re talking about colors from opposite sides of the track that aren’t regularly seen together. Purple and green, for example. It’ll take confidence to pull off but, if it works, you’ll be repaid in compliments for your bravery.

Tips to match your handbags with your accessories

2. Print Pop - If you’re carrying a printed bag, consider wearing a monochromatic outfit, then add an accessory that matches a color in your bag's print. If your bag has a floral print with lots of green, try wearing a white t-shirt with a dark green pashmina or necklace. The colors will echo each other and make each one pop.


3. Not Too Busy - Just because rules are more lenient now, doesn't mean it's a free-for-all. Don't wear bags and shoes with different patterns. The effect will be too busy.


4. I’ts The Season - summer bags are for summer. Winter shoes are for winter. Your straw tote or beach hat paired with boots is just confusing people. Likewise with your sandals and heavy leather handbag combo.


5. Right Place, Right Time - Just like you should avoid blending seasonal wear, you'll also want to avoid blending occasions. Club, beach, date, office, and sport accessories shouldn't meet each other. Your running shoes, in other words, shouldn't be hanging out with your stiff, boxy handbag. They won't get along. There may be times when a 'somewhat' formal handbag can work with 'somewhat' casual shoes, but the shoes should be high-end and in great condition.


6. Finish It Off - While it's fun to play with colors, prints, and styles for a unique, contemporary look, it's still a good idea to match finishes. So, if the zipper and clasps on your handbag is silver, you may want to make sure any hardware on your shoes is also silver. Pairing silver jewelry with your handbag's hardware is also a good idea, but there are always creative exceptions.


7. Paint It Black - A black bag goes perfectly with almost anything. If you don't have the time or patience to experiment with all those accessories in your closet, just grab a black handbag and go have a drink. Cheers!


8. Au Naturel - Natural colors, like tan or saddle, are also a get-out-of-accessorizing-free card. Like black, they go well with almost anything and allow you to focus on spicing up your other accessories instead.


In short, the matchy-matchy days are over. Now, as ever, accessories are just as important as your outfit, but experimentation is the new chicness.


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Love and flow,



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