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Tips to Match Your Bag to Your Outfit
The perfect handbags to match with your outfits
By: Adriana Gomez · Mar. 09, 2020

Tips to Match Your Bag to Your Outfit

Learn to expertly match handbags with outfits. Choose balance, try color ranges, and consider the occasion.

You never leave home without your handbag. It's with you all day. Naturally, you want it to match your outfit and other accessories. Not so long ago, that was easy. Women simply matched their handbag to their belt and shoes. They played it safe. Safe was fashionable.


Today, the rules are different. Women are breaking every tradition imaginable and experimenting with textures, colors, and combinations that would've been unthinkable just a decade ago like matching "street style" with real leather handbags for a sporty look.


This new versatility gives you more options. But more options mean tougher decision-making.


Here are some tips to help you match a handbag with an outfit in this new (unsafe) fashion world:


Consider the occasion


Where you're going is almost always the first, and most important, consideration. It dictates your outfit. Despite the current experimentation in fashion that we mentioned above, there are two rules that really haven't changed much:


1. If you're dressing up, a sporty bag is a no-no (even if you've seen that done on the runway). Stick with a clutch for an elegant event, like a wedding.


2. High-end, elegant handbags don't mix well with super casual outfits (Yoga Pants, we're looking at you). If you're headed to brunch with the girls, go with a leather crossbody bag.

If youre dressing up, a sporty bag is a no-no. Stick with a clutch for an elegant event, like a wedding.


Try color ranges


While women are no longer matching handbags to belts and shoes, it's still a good idea to have a color theme to your look. So try staying within a general color range. Experiment to see which colors match or compliment each other. Of course, with monochrome bags, you can still wear a garment of the same tone to great effect. But contrasts are possible now, too. And so much fun to pull off!


Here are some color match ideas:


• A red bag (a must for every woman) with a navy blue or black & white outfit.


• A pastel-toned bag, like rose-pink, with a grey outfit.


• A green bag with any earthy palette. Or a green bag used for contrast. Green is one of the most versatile colors for a handbag. Besides being the color of pastoral fantasies, it looks great with a dark outfit, yet still works with warmer tones and lighter textures. (See our post, 'Going Green').


Keep the balance


We love prints and textures. You can achieve all kinds of unique looks with a printed or textured handbag. But you have to keep everything in balance. Your goal is to be eye-catching without "overloading."


Experiment with a monochrome outfit and contrasting colors and/or printed bags. If it's your outfit that's printed, pick a color from the outfit's print and highlight it with a bag of the same color. At the same, pay attention to hardware details, especially if they're metallic. Match gold hardware with gold accessories, silver with silver, and so on. Contrasting hardware rarely works.


Finally, don't forget to match your body shape with the right type of bag. A purse should suit your body just like your favorite dress or pair of jeans. Petite women need to be careful with an overly large bag. It can make you look smaller. Curvaceous women, meanwhile, should avoid carrying a wide handbag. It can add girth to your silhouette. A slim, elongated bag is a much better choice. (See our post, 'Size Matters').


Remember, these are just some basic, foundational tips to help you find your own, creative style in this noisy, modern world. The restraints of the past have fallen away. What you do with this new fashion freedom is up to you.


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Like we said, the rules are different today.


Try something different.


Love and flow,



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