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These Inspiring Women are Feeding Colombia's Hungry Children
This women team lead Fiambre kitchen
By: Adriana Gómez · Jun. 02, 2020

These Inspiring Women are Feeding Colombia's Hungry Children

We love stories about inspiring women. We love supporting those women even more.

At Nantív, we love to share stories of inspiring women.


We created #FlowWithPurpose to do just that by highlighting women who embody Nantív's values of generosity, love, and community and who transform their lives and the lives of others.


Isabel and her daughter Ines Navas are two such women.


One day in 1997, the women were leading a training program for mothers in La Capilla, a small municipality about a two-hour drive from Bogota, Colombia. La Capilla is in an area known as 'El Cordón de Miseria' (The Zone of Misery) due to its poverty, crime, and lack of social services.


Outside the meeting-room where Isabel and Ines were working, a small boy was standing on tiptoes, peeking through a window at the women. They approached and asked him if he had eaten lunch yet. To their dismay, the boy replied, "No ladies, it's not my turn to eat lunch this week."


That sad encounter prompted the women to start FIAMBRE, a children's canteen aimed at ensuring no child ever went hungry in La Capilla. Today, the non-profit FIAMBRE Foundation is still providing free, nutritious food to the children of La Capilla. Ines, along with a dedicated team of women, feed the children twice a day, every weekday, while working to improve their living conditions in a myriad of other ways.


Six women, who all live in La Capilla, work alongside Ines: Lilia, Rosalba, Martha, Olga, Rubiela, and Ingrid. Together, they've made a huge impact in La Capilla by eliminating the fear and discomfort of hunger and thus enabling the area's children to study and play better.


Moreover, despite the persistent funding issues and many other challenges of running an expensive non-profit, Ines and her team are driven by the love and passion they feel for their work. In other words, they #FlowWithPurpose.

This women team lead Fiambre kitchen

Rosalba has been with the foundation for 14 years and heads FIAMBRE's kitchen operations. She's committed, enthusiastic, and willing to do whatever it takes to offer delicious, healthy meals to La Capilla's children.


Lilia is a single mother with a kind heart.


Ingrid, who has been with FIAMBRE for four years, is the youngest team member and brings her own brand of youthful joy to the team.


Rubiela, also a four-year team-member, is known as happy and funny.


Martha, a hardworking, resilient single-mother, has been at FIAMBRE for 13 years.


Olga has been committed to the organization for more than 13 years.


Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 lockdown began, FIAMBRE was legally forced to close its community kitchen. Still, that didn't stop the team from fulfilling their mission. They simply pivoted to delivering meals to children's homes.


Delivering food to hundreds of homes, however, requires more people, time, and supplies than FIAMBRE has. In particular, the team needs grocery baskets to transport their meals. They started a Give Lively fundraising campaign last month to try to meet their $5,000 financial need. So far, they've raised $1,054 of that goal.


At Nantív, we're doing our part to support FIAMBRE by donating a percentage of each handbag sale to the organization. We believe strongly in their cause but, also, in the team's spirit. In fact, we've always designed our handbags with that spirit in mind, for women who embody that spirit, for 'Nantív women'.


Who is a Nantív woman? She's driven by purpose, yet still spontaneous. She's realistic, independent, and motivated by personal discovery and growth. She eagerly embraces the unknown while seeking moments of transcendence. She derives great pleasure and inspiration from simple experiences. She gives generously and loves deeply.


In other words, she's Isabel, Ines, Lilia, Rosalba, Martha, Olga, Rubiela, and Ingrid.


Love and Flow,



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