Did you know that knowing your body type is essential to find the perfect bag?, in this article we will tell you what kind of body types you have and what is the best for you.
How to Select the Perfect Bag for Your Body Type
By: Adriana Gomez · Dec. 04, 2019

How to Select the Perfect Bag for Your Body Type

Knowing your body type is essential for picking up the most appropriate clothes and accessories. Most shopping experiences turn out bad because many times, the clothing items and accessories we pick are not appropriate for our body.


Nantiv women are sophisticated, delicate and feminine and know exactly what type of accessories work best with their outfits. This is why, in this article we have gathered a few tips and tricks about the type of bag to wear for each body type:




Best handbags for petite women are thin, vertically longer bags that create the appearance of a longer torso. If your body is petite, the bag you wear should not hang too low, to avoid making your body appear short. Therefore, shorter straps are the best. Our VINT bucket bag could be perfect for you. Choose the colour that suits you best.


Our bucket bags have a very interesting design, with four exterior straps composed from single strap weave through eyelets, and come in four colours: black, smoky chocolate, cream and green.



If you are curvy, avoid slouchy, round bags, and look for structured bags that lay flatter to the body, to avoid adding extra volume to the hip area. Very small bags would also make your body look big. A medium-sized, elegantly structured bag like our  TIV Satchel bag would be perfect for a curvacious woman.


Our leather satchel bags double have handles, with adjustable length and press stud and a detachable and adjustable shoulder/crossbody strap with buckle.




Best leather handbags for women who are slim and tall are Tote bags. Thin women should avoid big, wide or oversized bags that would make them body appear too thin. Choose your perfect Nantiv bag from our Tote bag collection.

Our tote leather bags designed in Italy have a lined interior, top zipper closure, hand painted edges and polished silvertone hardware. They are all made of the finest leather and come in different colours.




Best shoulder bags for women with a Pear-shaped body are medium-sized bags with shorter straps that hang higher on the body and avoid slouchy bags with no structure, which could make them appear rounder. Our EVE mini satchel bag would be perfect for a pear-shaped woman. Choose the colour that suits you best.


All our bags have been produced with the best materials and according to the finest Italian design. We want our bags to inspire women, motivate them and foster their dreams. Our beautiful designs, great execution and high functionality support the modern lifestyle of the Nantiv woman who works, travels and enjoys all that life has to offer

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