Here some tips to take proper care of your leather bag
How to Properly Care for Your Leather Bag (tips and tricks)
By: Adriana Gómez · Nov. 27, 2019

How to Properly Care for Your Leather Bag (tips and tricks)

We all love high quality, luxury bags to the extent that sometimes we would spend a fortune just to be able have a rare item in our wardrobe.

Women love wearing elegant bags that stand the test of time, beautiful bags that are worth investing in, exquisite bags whose simple elegance embellish any outfit. But, to be able to enjoy luxury leather handbags for years, we need to take good care of them.


Because we know how important bags are for all women, we have gathered a few tips about leather from skilled leather artisans:


How to Clean Bags


  • Always make sure your hands are clean when handling a leather bag. Leather may absorb grease and oil and you don’t want to see stains all over your bag.

  • To remove dirt buildup, every other day, you can wipe the bag with a damp cloth.

  • For best results, once or twice a year, dirt should be removed with a special cleaner you can find in any leather store. 

  • To clean the inside empty pockets and shake upside down. If you feel it is not enough vacuum with a small brush attachment. 

  • Don’t use ammonia or bleach-based cleaners


How to Store Bags


  • Whether it’s a seasonal bag or a vintage bag you don’t wear that often, you want it to look good every time you pull it out to wear. To restore and preserve bags’ shape, they should be stuffed with parchment paper and bubble wrap before storing.

  • Leather bags are best stored in their original box, with some silica gel packs to avoid dampness. To prevent mold growth, it’s best to air your leather bag every two weeks.


How to Condition Bags


  • Just like our skin and hair, bags need special treatment to look and feel good. To avoid leather drying out, flaking and wrinkling over time, leather bags need treatment with a quality conditioner.

  • To keep the bag soft and supple, conditioner should be applied once or twice a year. The choice is endless, so make sure you choose the right type of leather conditioner for your bag. If you’re not sure, ask for advice in specialized stores. Even when you think you have found the perfect leather conditioner, you might want to test it first, in a small area that can’t be seen. There’s nothing worse than giving your bag a nasty spot with the wrong conditioner.


How to Weatherproof Leather Bags


Leather is permeable and may suffer in bad weather, this is why wearing your best leather bag when it rains heavily may not be a good idea. Luckily, there are special creams or invisible spray protectants which function as a barrier against water.


A sturdy, well-made leather bag is the best accessory a woman can have. That being said, we hope our advice will help you keep your bags looking beautiful for years, so that you may enjoy them for as long as you wish.

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