For the workplace, you need a bag easy to match with many outfits and occasions. Know here how to choose the perfect work handbag for you style!
How To Choose A Perfect Bag For The Workplace
A bag perfect for both work and play
By: Adriana Gomez · Feb. 10, 2020

How To Choose A Perfect Bag For The Workplace

For meetings, lunches, after-work drinks, you need a modern work bag that works for you. This handbag should perfectly coincide with your needs, style, comfort and desire. 

Modern women play many roles. On top of traditional responsibilities, they’re holding down 9-to-5 jobs, running businesses, and working in professional positions. Some have gone back to school to launch or better their careers.


In the past, all that striving involved lugging around a lot of dead trees. Today, digital devices have replaced many of the books, publications, and printouts of earlier professional and collegiate life. The bulky briefcases of the 80’s and 90’s (think Melanie Griffith in ‘Working Girl’) have given way to slimmer, more stylish laptop bags for women.


Even better, many modern handbags for women now pull double-duty, transitioning seamlessly from the office or classroom to happy hour or daily errand runs.


Here are some basic guidelines to help you choose a modern work bag that works for you:


• Size: Don’t buy an unnecessarily large work bag. Find one that fits the main device/s you plan to carry (laptop, iPad, audio gear, etc.). Keep in mind, a handbag should suit your body like a favorite dress or pair of jeans. Generally speaking, smaller bags are better for petite women, while larger bags work for bigger or curvaceous women.


• Protection: How well do your devices need to be shielded from your environment? Every handbag and briefcase offers different amounts of cushioning, pockets, and straps to secure your items. Those extras can sometimes add weight. So, if you don’t need them, skip them.


• Additional Gear: The more compact a bag, the better. But choose a bag with enough room for additional gear: a mouse, charger, makeup, sunglasses, wallet. Again, watch the weight. Small items add up fast.


• Style: Most laptop bags and briefcases are more structured and rectangular than your typical leather handbag, which can be unappealing to some women. They want function, but elegance too.

TIV bag cream, beautiful color for many looks

Remember that a bag helps define your style. Your choice should perfectly coincide with your needs, style, comfort, and desire. As for material, a genuine leather handbag is often the best option. Leather is timeless and sturdy and gets better with age.


Handbags come in all kinds of colors, prints, and textures, too. Consider the kinds of outfits you typically wear. Do you like bright colors? Or are you a monochromatic kind of girl?
Whatever style you choose, your bag should be easy to match with many outfits and be appropriate for many occasions: meetings, lunches, after-work drinks, and so on.


What about carrying two bags—a traditional handbag and a briefcase? Some women do it. A few pull it off. If you’re one of them, more power to you.
We’ve got a better idea.


We designed TIV, a medium leather satchel, to fit most 13-inch laptops and tablets, a thin pouch, and a wallet. It feels like a zipper clutch and has the coveted inside pocket. It has a briefcase’s rectangular geometry to accommodate your devices, but features Nantív’s signature corner grooves, giving it a chic-ness missing from most briefcases and laptop bags.


TIV is not heavy-duty. It isn’t very wide and has no padding. That’s by design. We wanted it to look and feel compact. We also use only the softest, authentic Italian leather without the plastic coatings that many other handbag-makers use today. The result is a handbag that feels amazing and doubles as a work of art.


Nantív is all about designing bags that move the way women do. We focus on posture and movement. For that reason, we included different ways of carrying TIV. It has two adjustable handles, so you can carry it by hand or hang it from your shoulder. It also has a long strap for crossbody wear.


If you’re looking to buy ladies’ bags online, TIV is available at in four beautiful colors: black, forest green, chocolate and cream.


Women have come a long way professionally. We’ve still got a long way to go. Let’s do it in style.


Love and flow,



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