Carry your favorite bag sometimes it can be a little pain if you don't know how to do it properly. Here, we tell you how to carry it the right way.
How to Limit Your Handbag's Weight and Carry it Without Ruining Your Posture
How to carry a cross body bag
By: Adriana Gómez · May. 18, 2020

How to Limit Your Handbag's Weight and Carry it Without Ruining Your Posture

A heavy handbag can affect your posture. Here are some tricks to avoid excess weight and carry it the right way.

The right handbag can define or transform your look. More importantly, your handbag affects the way you move. Body language, experts believe, is 55 percent of communication. Body language is also a factor in your personal style. Discomfort and doubt is a style-killer. Comfort and confidence enhances every look.


As the saying goes, it's not what you wear, but how you wear it. Heat, itchy outfits, and uncomfortable shoes can ruin your comfort. Just a few extra pounds in your handbag, meanwhile, can affect your posture and fatigue you, killing your style.


Here are some tips to limit your bag's weight and to carry it correctly:


1. The Ten Percent Rule: Experts recommend carrying no more than ten percent of your bodyweight in your handbag. So if you're 110lbs, your bag should top out at eleven pounds. More than that and your neck, shoulders, and back could suffer, leading to pain, muscle aches, and headaches.


2. Favor the Forearm: Physiotherapists advise not carrying your handbag on your shoulder, which is a fragile part of the human anatomy. Constant weight on one shoulder can force the shoulder forward and down. Over time, the muscles in the upper back and neck can begin to stretch, leading to weakness and pain. Instead, look for a bag with wide, padded handles and carry it on your forearm.


3. Switch It Up: If you can't avoid carrying your bag on your shoulder, like with a leather crossbody bag, look for one with a comfortable strap and switch shoulders every 15 minutes.


4. No Swinging: Adjust your bag’s straps and position it to avoid swinging your bag while walking. The back and forth motion of a too heavy bag can throw off your gait, causing a posture imbalance and lead to pain.

How to carry a cross body bag

5. Bare Necessities: Has anyone ever picked up your bag and exclaimed, “What do you have in this thing?!” Sometimes, you're not even sure why your bag is so heavy. What’s adding all that weight?:


• Charms: Sure, these give your handbag a fun, new vibe, but they don’t need to be there all the time. Remove them if you’re already carrying an extra load.


• Books and notepads: If you carry these in your bag, look for compact editions and small writing pads. Make photocopies if you just need sections of a book. Better yet, use an app to store and create content.


• Pens and highlighters: These things have a way of multiplying quickly inside your bag. Do you need all of them? Do you actually use them? Be realistic about how often you use a wide selection of pens.


• Business cards and receipts: Do you keep old receipts and business cards that end up a tattered mess inside your bag? Small pockets have a way of accumulating clutter. Banish what you don’t need.


• Makeup: How much makeup do you carry, your whole cosmetic bag or just enough to retouch during the day? Go for the latter.


In short, clear the clutter and don’t make excess weight a habit. Leather handbag designers consider weight very carefully during the design phase. Every detail — hardware, zippers, layers of leather — are weighed to achieve an ideal weight. Approach your bag the same way. Consider every item you carry. A heavy bag isn’t just bad for your back and posture, it’s bad for your spirit - not to mention your style.


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