A handbag is an essential addition to your look. For this reason, there are various different types of summer handbag trends. Know more here!
Summer 2020 Handbag Trends
Summer handbag trends in this 2020
By: Adriana Gómez · Jun. 25, 2020

Summer 2020 Handbag Trends

Summer appears to be the most favored and valued time of the year for fashion lovers. Here are the must-follow trends for the 2020 season.

No matter how great your outfit and other accessories look together, the perfect finishing touch comes from a good bag. A handbag is an essential addition to your look which cannot be left out. For this reason, there are various different types of handbags for any fashion taste and style; all which complement different kinds of occasions.


Nonetheless, one must be aware of the types of handbags that are currently in season, and differentiate them from those worn in other divisions of the year. As of now, vibrant colors, unique prints and patterns, pearls, and daisies are a few of the must-follow trends for the 2020 summer season when it comes to handbag fashion.


• Daisies everywhere


Summer florals are common in fashion and have been ever since the ‘90s. However, one particular flower appears to be taking over this year: the daisy. One of the most common types of handbags here is the transparent clutch, which is decorated with daises and fine gold details. Without a doubt, this is the perfect bag for a summer dinner with your best girl friends.


We are also seeing a lot of the margarita, also known as the marguerite daisy flower – the undisputed protagonist – which is often combined with a beautiful sky blue tulle. This is a colorful and lovely summery option to have with you on hot summer afternoons.


• Vibrant colors


Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons. Apart from its warmth, it is also known for its colorfulness and endless fun. It provides the perfect atmosphere to travel and participate in outdoor activities. Because of this, summer fashion is characterized by its vibrant colors, which in turn makes eye-catching genuine leather handbags a must in your wardrobe.


Here, we are noticing a substantial rise in multicolored and two-toned bags. For example, the mix of orange and fuchsia is a season favorite that will make you catch all eyes for its undeniable originality. In addition to that, golden and elegant handbags are taking over the hearts – and wardrobes – of fashion lovers around the word. This option is incredibly useful as it goes with virtually everything in your closet. It also helps in highlighting your brown summer glow; making it an ideal option for dining out or attending events.

Summer handbag trends in this 2020

• Printed with ribbons


From their color to their shape, these kinds of bags are appropriate and rather prevalent during the summer season. The combination of colors seems ideal for a summer bag, and the bows that adorn them complement your flowy summer looks. Check out these types of bags and get them to match your chic afternoon looks!


• White, the color of summer


If there is one color that plays a leading role, it is white. It is a classic that goes notably well with all summer colors, and it also accentuates your glowing tanned skin due to its lightness. Take full advantage of your seasonally sun-kissed skin by wearing the white handbag. It is so beautiful that you won’t want to stop wearing it all summer!


• Mini-bags


Mini-bags: a high trend for the 2020 summer season. These types of bags have turned into star accessories; becoming one of the most outstanding models on the scene. Whether made of leather, satin, jute, raffia, velvet, or even beads, these items will be among the most desired and envied. They are perfect for those who want to leave the house with just enough.


The key is to stay light this summer. These beautiful miniature bags keep you from overloading your hands and shoulders with extra weight. Already working in an office affects this part of our anatomy, and from time to time it needs some respite.


Although we are experiencing the effects of an unprecedented summer due to the Coronavirus, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. People and companies have started to reinvent themselves by unleashing their creativity and innovative thinking, which has led to big shifts in fashion.


This has consequently given rise to various trends for all fashion and handbag lovers this 2020 summer season. Stay stylish with these handbag statements, but above all, stay safe.


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