Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion which is more important? Click on the link to learn more.
Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion
By: Adriana Gomez · Dec. 04, 2019

Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

The lures of fast fashion…


… are making it difficult for us to integrate valuable pieces. Nonetheless and regardless of the fast pace with which women need to work on their personal look, it is essential for a great style to be associated with quality and good design.

In the world of leather handbags, we believe good taste is conveyed through good quality and interesting designs.  So yes, we follow the trends and the latest fashion inspire us, but we find true value in design that transcends current pressures.


We believe our bags to be compelling pieces; niche objects that will convey interesting meanings and impressions. They complement a variety of outfits while maintaining their own allure.


In the recent publication  of Harpers Bazaar magazine we found and interesting review of trends that will  mark spring and summer in 2019.  The first one: abundance …in patterns, in frills, layers and color; these are to be used in the entire outfit. It is a challenge to pose a fine sophisticated figure when fashion elements only contribute to the enlargement of body shape. With this in mind we found in the spring show of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana the most interesting proposal.


“With a wide range of ages, sizes, and body types featured, the show went beyond the social media–centric, millennial vibe that defined previous casts. “ said Evandro Soldati for Vogue Magazine.  


We saw Monica Velucci,  Carla Bruni, Isabella Roselini with her daughter Elettra Wiedemann and her grandson Ronin, among other iconic figures, bring their particular style into the trend. By embracing diversity in the runway these designers help us understand how to dress without going wrong. We cannot fit into everything yet D&G have given us great ideas if we care to see which icon’s body type resembles ours the most. And they all look fabulous!


Combine floral, color rich fabrics with our sleek satchel. Its timeless design and matte leather adds beautifully to any bold statement. Clothes in this trend should be accompanied by an elegant handbag; perfect for a glamorous look.  Our Eve mini satchel is the perfect going out bag; simple yet statement-making.


 Which leads to another interesting trend.  According to Harpers Bazaar the down to earth look (definitely a go for an investment style) is also a fashionable alternative. This season the runways showed silhouettes that have both modern and classic qualities.  To complement it, our versatile crossbody bags blend beautifully and naturally. Not to miss that they work perfectly when dressed up for work, or, if prefer you can always style it down on the weekends. An ideal luxury.

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