How often you clean your favorite handbag? In this article, we will tell you why need to empty out your handbag every day. Click here now!
Here's Why You Should Empty Your Handbag Every Day
Emptying your handbag every day
By: Adriana Gomez · Mar. 24, 2020

Here's Why You Should Empty Your Handbag Every Day

Emptying your handbag every day might seem like a chore, but it's totally worth it.

Your phone is ringing. You scramble to answer it, but can’t find it in your handbag until the ringing has stopped.


Your keys are missing. You run around the house looking for them only to find them buried deep within the handbag that you already rummaged through.


You lose your favorite lipstick, then find it weeks later in the handbag you carry every day.


Sound familiar?


If you're like us, you've accumulated so much stuff in your bag that it's become something of a Pandora's Box. And all that clutter is causing a problem. In addition to the time it takes to find things in your bag, the weight can be cumbersome. Meanwhile, the dirt and trinkets that accumulate can stain or damage the lining of your pricey investment.

Emptying your handbag every day

Thankfully, organization guru Marie Kondo has a simple solution to help you get a handle on the chaos:


Empty your bag every day


Marie Kondo advocates completely emptying out your handbag every day. That includes purses, backpacks (yours and your kids), gym bags, and any other bag you use on a daily basis.


Following Kondo's advice yields the following benefits:


• You will be able to remove dirt and dust and toss out junk like unnecessary receipts and wrappers. Then, you can decide if you really and truly need to lug around every remaining item.


• When your bag is empty, it gives you the opportunity to check for stains and clean them while they’re fresh. But, be careful. Don't rub the stain. You could end up increasing its size or darkness. A large stain can ruin your bag's look, even if it's on the inside. At the very least, it could affect its resale value. Take it to a professional who specializes in cleaning handbags.


• Once you repack, you won't have to walk around wondering, 'What's in my bag?' You'll know exactly which pocket your keys and lipstick are in and not waste time digging around for them.


• Your handbag will be lighter, relieving your back of unnecessary strain and improving your posture. Posture and gait are an integral part of your style and are two of the first things people notice as you approach them. That, in fact, is why Nantiv bags are designed to compliment women's movements and gestures, or their 'flow,' as we like to call it.


• You will use more bags from your collection because each one will be empty and ready to go at all times. And whether those handbags are made of leather or some other material, they'll last you a lifetime and retain their value because of the care you gave them.


• The items you do carry in your bag (like phones and documents) will be safer when they’re not being battered and marred by handbag clutter.


• Decluttering your bag will declutter your mind. Think of it as Zen in a bag. You'll grow conscious of all the things you don't really need. What's left in your handbag will just be essentials.


Women's handbags shouldn’t cause women stress. They should complement daily activities and outfits and make life easier. By dedicating a few minutes each night or morning to Kondo's method, you’ll simplify your life. The practice might even inspire you to apply it to other areas: your closet, desk drawer, car console—maybe even your relationships!


The important thing is simply to start!


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Love and flow,



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