We know that creating your personal style is a hard task, but it's not impossible!. And we will tell you why.
It's All About Style
By: Adriana Gomez · Nov. 27, 2019

It's All About Style

Live without fear and your personal style will happen naturally.

The Cut recently published an article on celebrity stylist Karla Welch. "I want people to feel something" she mentioned in the article. We love the way she addresses style. It is great to flow into strong emotions rather than thinking about resolving fears and insecurities.


So when you go in search of a handbag or a particular accessory find out what is it that you really intend. Don't think of an outfit. Think of each stylish piece by itself. You may be wanting to accentuate your romantic essence, or project your creative mind, or flow with your fit and healthy lifestyle with a chic accent. There are so many meanings to be found within...there is always something positive to feel about clothes and accessories.


Eventually you will start combining all the pieces; the ultra feminine handbag with a bold scarf and the vintage sunglasses. Then, everything that defines you is projected in your unique and wonderful style! You will find the balance in your outfit in the same way your emotions and your mind balance your life.


On a side note. Welch looks just like Timothée Chalamet's twin; interesting, they share this beguiling quality to their persons.

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