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Briefcase Bags are Actually Great for Summer
Summer style bags
By: Adriana Gómez · Jun. 01, 2020

Briefcase Bags are Actually Great for Summer

Briefcase bags are stylish and practical for any season. Yes, even summer.

For centuries, briefcases lived firmly in the male domain - from the loculus of Roman legionaries to 19th - century British Red Boxes to the staid, hardshell cases favored by 1950's business executives.


As culture loosened up in the 1960's and 70's, designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin began bucking tradition by introducing cooler, less business-like briefcases. Then, in the 1980's, other big-name designers ushered in ladies' briefcases as women increasingly entered the white-collar workforce.


Today, with women representing nearly half of the total global labor force, briefcases and briefcase-style handbags for women are indispensable. Modern women need a structured bag with simple geometry that can hold an iPad or small laptop, a cellphone, documents, and anything else a busy professional might need.


Until recently, though, briefcases hardly looked like the best summer handbags. They tended toward sober designs with a distinctly fall/winter feel. They also looked out-of-place beyond office hours.


Thankfully, many brands now offer briefcases that look right in any weather. Even better, some bags have a spring/summer vibe.

Summer style bags

Here are four reasons to carry a briefcase even after the warm weather hits:


1. Staying in shape - Briefcase bags are not only roomy, they don’t lose their shape with added weight. That makes them ideal for work, a casual outing, shopping, or just busy days when you’re carrying additional gadgets and need to bring along a pair of sneakers to do some walking. There's no reason you can't also throw a bottle of sunscreen, some flip flops, and a thermos in there and head out on that summer excursion after work.


2. Getting a move on - The practicality and spaciousness of briefcases make them ideal travel bags. Briefcases typically have just one large compartment. Some, however, have extra pockets which are great for travel documents, medicine, makeup, and other carry-alongs. They also make for a stylish alternative to all the backpacks and oversized crossbodies most summer travelers carry. And God knows many airports and ports could use a dash of style.


3. A place in the sun - Many brands now offer briefcases in a wide variety of interesting colors. Pink, green, yellow, and orange have recently dominated this trend and make a great compliment to your summer outfits. Colorful briefcase bags, in fact, can be the most eye-catching part of your outfit and add a dash of hustle to your bustle (see what we did there?).


4. As the case may be - Briefcase-like bags such as minimalist leather satchels and leather totes are also great options for women who aren't ready to go full briefcase. The styles are, of course, less formal, but can be ideal for women looking for comfort and a unique summer accessory. As long as it fits your lunch, gym clothes, legal briefs, heels, breast pumps, and anything else you need, just keep doing you.


TIV: Our own briefcase


TIV is our idea of the perfect feminine briefcase. It’s rectangular and can hold most 13” laptops while remaining slim and compact. It can be worn over the shoulder, like a satchel, or as a crossbody. It strikes the perfect professional tone at a presentation, on a business trip, or on a summer outing.


Like all Nantív bags, it's handcrafted by the best Italian artisans, using the softest leather and highest quality hardware. It's available in four colors - forest green, cream, chocolate, and black - and was born out of our passion for design and principles of flow.


At Nantív, we study women's movements and gestures to create bags that are comfortable, functional, and that compliment modern women's lifestyle. No matter the season.


Love and flow,



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