If you live in a city where winter brings rain and snow you must be very careful with your leather handbag. Here we tell you how to do it.
How to Care for Your Leather Handbag in Winter
Treatment for leather handbags in winter
By: Adriana Gomez · Mar. 13, 2020

How to Care for Your Leather Handbag in Winter

Cold weather can ruin a leather handbag. Here's how to take care of your investment so it lasts for many years to come.

You love your leather handbag. It’s not just an accessory. It’s a trusty companion. It holds your necessities and completes your look. So, of course, you want to carry it all year, no matter the weather. Heat and sunlight, we already know, can adversely affect leather over time. But is cold weather bad for leather, too?


If you live in a part of the world where winter brings rain and snow, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’ Dampness is one of leather’s worst enemies. With proper care, however, your leather handbags can withstand the elements and remain a valuable, long-term investment.


Here are some tips to help your luxury leather handbag survive the cold:


• Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme cold. Try not to forget your handbag in your car overnight or on that frigid ski lodge balcony. For that matter, don't leave it in front of an AC vent. Over time, freezing temperatures will dry out the leather's pores and cause the surface to crack and lose its suppleness. Keeping your bag in a temperature-controlled climate, just like musicians do with their prized instruments, will keep it in prime condition.


• Shield your bag from rain and snow. Water can alter leather's texture and color. If you must be outside in wet conditions, protect your bag with an umbrella, clothing, or whatever you've got. And while we're on the topic, keep your bag away from sinks and off of tables where there are drinks. Spills happen. If it does get wet, don’t use a hair dryer. Let it dry naturally. Rubbing it could make things worse.

Treatment for leather handbags in winter

• Moisturize! Remember that leather is a natural skin, even after processing. And the best way to protect skin in cold weather is to moisturize. It's a good idea to clean your bag with a specially made leather cleaner first. Do this as often as you have the time and patience for. If you're not comfortable or don’t know which products to use, visit a local leather restoration and treatment service specialist. If you buy moisturizing or cleaning products, though, always test it on a small hidden surface before applying it all over.


• Store your bag in the dust bag it came with. This is a good idea in any weather. A dust bag, as its name suggests, prevents the accumulation of dust, which can affect its color. It also blocks UV light, which will do the same and simultaneously harden the leather. In winter, meanwhile, it'll help keep out dampness. And don't throw away those little silica sachets. They come with leather accessories for a reason -- to absorb moisture. While you're at it, stuff your unused bag with paper so it retains its shape. The paper will absorb moisture, too. Whatever you do, don't store your handbags in plastic sacks or in a synthetic cover. They prevent air circulation and create a perfect environment for dampness to build up.


We know you love elegant handbags as much as we do. Genuine leather withstands the test of time better than almost any other material. It's durability and beauty are why we choose to spend so much of our hard-earned money on accessories made from the material. Still, no material is immune to neglect and abuse. That's why it's important to know how to properly care for your purchase.


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