Are you looking for the best purse to travel with? In this occasion we´ll give you three tips that could help you to take a decision.
What's The Best Purse To Travel With?
What´s the best purse to travel with?
By: Adriana Gomez · Nov. 27, 2019

What's The Best Purse To Travel With?

How often has this happened to you? You go on a trip and bring a handbag that you think will be practical and comfortable.

But, halfway through your travels, you end up having to buy a more suitable bag. Or, you pack several handbags -- a bucket bag, satchel, clutch, tote - and don't use all of them.


Annoying, right?


The problem is there are so many things you need to keep close while traveling: documents, makeup, books, wallet, cellphone, iPad, snacks, medicine, and so on. Sometimes those things aren't allowed in checked bags or simply don't fit in your luggage.


The dream solution? A luxury, leather bag that holds everything, matches every outfit, and looks elegant. That's a lot to ask for! But let's look at three things to consider when choosing the best handbag to travel with to make that dream a reality:




You don't need a large bag to get lots of room. Well-designed, medium-sized bags often perform just as well. Structure is key. Look for a lightweight handbag with enough structure to allow you to search inside without the bag loosing its shape. A luxury handbag should also stay put on a counter or on top of your carry on. Nothing cramps your style like having to continually adjust your purse amid airport bustle.




You'll wear many outfits on your trip. Sadly, you can't bring along the perfect leather handbag to match each one. Instead, stick with neutral tones like black or brown, depending on your style. If you're used to warm colors, choose brown. If you're comfortable with cooler tones, choose black. If your outfits will have neutral, softer tones, you've got more flexibility. Choose a cream or dark green bag.




Style arises from confidence. And confidence lives in your body language. It creates a natural flow in the way you carry yourself. In that sense, style is not static. It's active. When you travel, you need a handbag that respects those nuances. It should be easy to move with and allow for different ways of carrying it. For example, a bucket bag that can comfortably be worn as a crossbody or a tote bag that can hang from your shoulder without slipping.


At Nantív, we've designed a pair of gorgeous luxury, leather travel bags that fulfill all three of the above criteria. The bags are handcrafted in Italy and are made of soft, sustainably-sourced calfskin. The VITA is spacious, elegant, and perfect for informal events. If you won't be carrying more than basic essentials, meanwhile, the VINT bucket bag is a great choice. With its sensual, overlapping layers and unique design, it's a true conversation-starter.

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