Explore the latest handbag trends and see how runway shows defined shapes, colors, and combinations for 2020. click here now and discover!
2020 Bag Trends That You Should Know
2020 Bag Trends You Should Know
By: Adriana Gomez · Mar. 17, 2020

2020 Bag Trends That You Should Know

 Explore the latest handbag trends and see how runway shows defined shapes, colors, and combinations for 2020.


Accessories work magic. A belt over a dress changes your silhouette. A hat can redefine a tired outfit. Jewelry can take you from bleak to chic. And a handbag can make a statement.


What statement you're making requires an understanding of what's trending. What's trending is often apparent on the street and in fashion publications. Runways, however, can give you a peak at the future, allowing you to incorporate a new accessory, or look, before it reaches a tipping point where everyone is sporting the same style.


Here are some 2020 bag trends we've recently seen on runways around the world:




Leather has always lived on the runway. It's the quintessential material when it comes to handbags for women. But we're now seeing designers combine leather with other materials like denim and nylon, while creating bags in all kinds of new shapes, colors, and sizes to achieve a sophisticated style.


Meanwhile, big leather bags are back. So are croissant-shaped leather purses and leather bags embellished with things like large chains or bamboo handles.


Leather, as always, is king.

2020 Bag Trends You Should Know

Micro Bags


Micro bags have been trending for years. Now, they're leveling up. Or should we say, levelling down? The bags are getting even smaller. Micro bags are a kind of status symbol because they hold very little. If all you've got in there is lipstick and a credit card, you're probably on a leisure excursion.


Needless to say, functionality is beside the point if you're carrying something like Longchamp's Spring 2020 micro bag.


Puffy Leather


Puffy pouches and other kinds of billowy handbags are some of the most practical bag trends. You have space for everything you need inside a soft, buttery cloud of leather. Aside from functionality, puffy designs are lightweight, have a great silhouette, and make for a relaxed, stylish look. Designers from Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, and others are creating variations of puffy handbags in many different colors.


In 2020, feel free to embrace your puffiness.


Unconventional Bags


If you love to thumb your nose at tradition, this trend is for you. Unconventional bags have unusual shapes and features and are designed to ooze personality. We're talking about bags by Sies Marjan that are so big you could fit your first-born child inside of them; Givenchy's and Valentino's rope bags; and Kassl Edition's rubber-coated totes.


You just need two things to pull off a look with these bags: 1. Find a bag that matches your personality, then 2. Carry it with confidence.




It's Miami Vice all over again. Leather crossbody purses and clutches in rose, green, blue, purple, and beige in every combo imaginable, along with cotton-candy pastels will be hot this spring-summer season. Look no further than Fendi's gorgeous clutch that brings together multiple pastels and a vintage design.


XXL Totes


Big totes have been trending since 2015. This year, they're super-sizing. That's good news if you typically lug around a lot of stuff or just want to make a statement. Excessive? Perhaps. But Balenciaga's enormous blue leather tote is, according to GQ, actually awesome. And it might just change your mind.


Remember, fashion trends change fast. Integrating the hottest new style into your look is a ton of fun, but every woman still needs some tried-and-true fashion basics to fall back on. In other words, you still need the handbag equivalent of the little, black dress.


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