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5 Reasons to Own a Minimalist Handbag
By: Adriana Gómez · Apr. 06, 2020

5 Reasons to Own a Minimalist Handbag

Minimalism isn't just visuals. It's a feeling, an experience, and a particular point-of-view. It's also a perfect handbag design principle.

Art, music, architecture, and literature have all had minimalist phases. Today, minimalism is shaping design, fashion, and lifestyles, too.


What exactly is this movement? Put simply, it's doing more with less: fewer belongings, smaller homes, and less extravagance.


Handbags, by their very nature and function, have always leaned toward minimalism. The need to limit a handbag's weight may have something to do with that. Yet, we're now seeing the principle very consciously designed into handbags. An extreme example is the recent trend in micro bags.


Teeny bags aside, minimalism is an ideal approach to handbag design.


Here are five reasons why:




Since minimalism has always been a factor in handbag design, it never looks dated. Clean lines, simple geometric shapes, and little or no embellishments never go out of fashion. From feng shui to art deco, less has always been more.




Minimalist designers can't hide behind elaborate shapes, stitching, prints, hardware, or embellishments. They're forced, instead, to offer original designs, expert craftsmanship, exquisite finishes, and top quality materials. They're also more likely to experiment with new materials like satin, fiber, or ethnic weaves.

Minimalist trends



Minimalist design doesn't minimize expression. It opens the door to new possibilities, evokes emotion, and sparks the imagination. Just like concision and understatement are often more powerful than elaborate speeches, minimalist design conveys greater meaning by whispering, rather than shouting.




Simple designs are the easiest to use. Apple, one of the world's most successful companies, was built on this principle. Handbags are no different. Modern women, living busy lives in a frenetic contemporary society, don't need unnecessary complexity.


Whether you're carrying a mini purse or a large tote, your handbag should compliment your lifestyle and, as we like to say at Nantív, "flow" with your movements.




Minimalism isn't just about visuals. It's a feeling, an experience, and a particular point-of-view. A minimalist bag can help promote that state-of-mind by forcing you to consider your real daily needs. Are you carrying around things you think you need, but don't? Beyond your cell phone, makeup, and keys, how much of what's in your bag is essential?


At Nantív, our handbags for women are made in Italy and designed with the finest details in mind. Our collection currently includes four handcrafted handbags inspired by minimalist principles.


TIV is a structured leather satchel with simple geometry that can hold an iPad or small laptop, with space left over. It's our idea of the perfect feminine briefcase. It’s rectangular, slim, and compact. It can be worn over the shoulder or as a crossbody. It strikes the perfect professional tone at a presentation or on a business trip, yet works as a casual handbag outside the office, too.


EVE is a perfect choice if you're expecting a busy day but, like a true minimalist, plan to only carry your essentials. It's a smaller satchel that transitions well from daytime to the evening, even if you're heading for a night out or a special dinner.


VITA is a tote for busier days when you're carrying additional gadgets or documents and need to bring along a pair of sneakers to do some walking. It's a beautiful sidekick that manages to be minimalist chic, while still offering plenty of space.


Minimalism has gone by many names throughout the centuries - asceticism, spartanism, feng shui - and is the foundation of almost every religion. No matter the name or creed, we at Nantív always live by the principle and design bags that double as minimalist works of art. We also study movement, gestures, and nuance to ensure our bags are functional and move the way you do.


Simply and beautifully.


Love and flow,



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